Sunday, November 24, 2013

X-mas Quilt Kit to GO

The Christmas Applique quilt is all kitted and ready for the road!  Two blocks are completely ready to stitch and the other 15 have rough but fabrics on freezer paper templates grouped into bags with background fabric.  I think a 16 block quilt will hang quite nicely in the foyer.  I might enlarge the pattern for larger blocks and make a bed sized quilt someday, maybe.  For now though, it is nice to have seasonal quilts to change out.  Not getting four seasons is one of the things I miss about living in Florida, so it is nice to pretend.
Mostly today I did laundry and started packing.  Sydney finished a book she has been struggling with for a book report so we went out to celebrate with manicures.  Anna got lots of Thanksgiving baking done while I cooked a few things to carry along.
It is going to be a calm and quiet two days at school and I hope to catch up on some grading while the kids are quietly coloring the male and female reproductive systems.  They laughed uncontrollably every time I said egg or sperm while discussing meiosis last week, so I'm thinking I should avoid talking and just let them snicker quietly until vacation.   


Kate said...

Looks like you had a productive Sunday. Drama Teen was hoping for snow so she didn't even have the two days this week. No such luck for her.

Have a very happy Thanksgiving.

Amanda said...

It always feel so good to have sewing prepared to take on a journey doesn't it? Best wishes for yours - 22 hours!! Are you doing it all in one hit or will you spread it over two days?

Andee said...

Awesome! Can't wait to see your progress on it!

Ellen said...

Hee....hee....hee..I snicker even now!