Tuesday, September 6, 2016

ScrapHappy Sampler - September Block - Staggered Steps

This month's block will be a nice simple one.  It isn't much on its own, but in a row by row quilt, it offers a nice resting row.  
Each block is just 3.5 inches unfinished.  If you were making just one block, you would cut a rectangle which is 2.5 by 3.5 and one which is 1.5 inches by 3.5 inches.
To make and entire row though, it is quick and easy to make in bulk from 2.5 inch and 1.5 inch strips.
 Sew a wide strip to a thin strip.  Go ahead and make a stack of these strip sets.  You are going to need quite a few.  84 linear inches to be specific.  I suppose you could get enough from four width of fabric strips total if you were cutting from yardage, but using scraps, you can mix it up a bit.  I used the accent color for the thinner strip and a variety of rose fabrics for the thicker strip.
 Press the strip sets and then sub cut them into 3.5 inch blocks.  You will need 24 blocks for the large quilt and 18 for the smaller quilt.
Take the finished blocks and stagger them so that the small strip is on the right in the first block, then on the left, then the right.  


claudia said...

Those colors are divine! They made me sigh! Refreshing!

Sara said...

Loving this month's colors. But I have fallen behind.

MontyBear said...

This is going to be a challenge. Very little gold and not much claret. I'll have to play with my fabric.