Monday, February 1, 2021

Another Quotation Option for February Full Stop

My original start on quotation marks was a combination of a 2.5 inch square with a 2.5 inch half square triangle.  From there, I went for a simplified but somewhat stylized version with only two pieces and one seam.  There was another way I could have gone though, and it has been pulling at my mind.  This version has more shape and finesse, but of course, more pieces and seams.   To make a curvier  quotation you will need:

  • 2.5 inch squares in yellow - 2 of these
  • 2.5 inch square in background - 1 of these
  • 2 inch squares in background - 2 of these

Start with the 2.5 inch square of background fabric.  Cut it into quarters, each of which will be 1.25 inches square.   Toss one tiny square away or save it for now.  You will only need three for each quotation mark.  
Now use a pencil to draw a line from corner to corner on each of the 5 background colored squares.   
Three of them will go on three corners of one of the yellow squares.  You will sew on each drawn line.  If you are in a rush, it is easy to just sew around the square from one to the next by pivoting at each center point.   The 2 inch square will go on one corner of the other yellow square.  
The last 2 inch square will go on the opposite corner of the same square.  
Now just flip open all of those little flaps and iron them flat.   Trim the squares to make sure they are nice and even, and then trim the waste triangles from behind.  
The same units can be arranged facing right or left.   Sew these two subunits together
Each single set of quotes will get a left and a right.   Quotation marks usually come in pairs, so it will take 4 subunits for each set.  

I didn't make quite that many as I was just playing with the pattern, but here is a single pair of quotations on the design wall with the simple HST version and the simpler still final version I decided to go with.  

Each version has its own pluses and minuses.  Which one do you prefer?   


The Joyful Quilter said...

Another option?!?! I already made the original variation, Angela. :o((

mpv61 said...

I needed an apostrophe for a contraction and I went with the simple HST version. However, my entire alphabet is made of squares, HSTs, and rectangles, so your other kind of option wouldn't have fit in to that scheme very well. If you don't have that sort of limiting factor, then your new quotation marks match "real" quotation marks better than the HST/square method.

Marsha Cooper said...

Happy to see yellow this month. I am in hopes of getting lots of hexagons with yellow sewn on to my scrappy hexagon quilt.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I like the ones you just showed.

Betty C said...

I like the more realistic quotation marks the best. I will probably only make 4 of them.