Sunday, August 1, 2021

#Fullstop August Block - Question Mark

Start with a 2 inch strip of teal and of background.   Cut the following pieces:
5 inches (1)
3.5 inches (2)
2 inches (1)
5 inches (2)
2 inches (4)
Next, from a 1.75 inch strip, cut 4 squares

The 1.75 inch squares are for sew and flip corners.   Place one on either end of the top 5 inch rectangle and use a pencil or erasable marker to draw a sewing line from corner to corner of the square (look at the picture to see how they are arranged).   Each of the 3.5 inch teal strips will get a single flip and sew triangle as well.   
Sew on each of the drawn lines and then flip open the triangles, press and check the alignment before trimming away the waste triangles behind.   You may double sew these if you like for tiny little HST units.   
You should also sew the three two inch squares together to form the bottom row.  Press toward the teal square.   
Arrange your subunits as shown, three vertical strips form the center, with one horizontal strip above and two below.   
Sew the three vertical strips together and press toward the left to reduce the bulk of the seams.   Sew the two horizontal bottom strips together as well.  Press away from the pieced unit toward the solid strip.   
Now you just have three section to sew together.   Press away from the center section.   
Unfinished, this block is 5 by 9.5.  It should finish as 4.5 by 9 in the final row.  Separate each block with a strip of fabric 2 by 9.5.  Make four to six blocks, depending on how many colors of teal you have to work with.  


Ramona said...

How many are you making for this row?😃

Deb A said...

Great tutorial, thanks Angela.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love that! Looking forward to making some!

Nancy in IN said...

Neat. Thanks

Mego said...

How big is this one? Thanks.

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh that looks like fun!

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