Sunday, January 6, 2008

Getting ready to shift gears

Thanks Tamera and Ila for you comments on my recent post. I'm still new to blogging and have not yet figured out how to respond. Any helpful advice out there? If I click on the comments, it will let me comment on the comment, but it only seems to list on my site, not to go back to the sender. Is that right? Or is it considered appropriate to follow the links through the senders homepage and respond via e-mail? Is there some brief manual out there on the etiquette of blogging that I should Google? I lurked in the background of the Quilt Maverick ring for over a year, but have just now started to participate thanks to the Carolina Crossroad Mystery Group. I have to say that I am enjoying keeping track of my progress and creating a record of what I do. I've even learned a few handy HTML codes.

Speaking of progress, I cut out the rest of the hourglass blocks for step 5 of Carolina, and finished bordering the John Deere Quilt. I still plan to piece the back to that tonight and get it off of the living room floor before the school week starts. I've enjoyed spreading my quilts out all over the house over the break, but I'm sure my husband would like to sit down to breakfast without moving a cutting mat, or lounge on the couch without peering over an ironing board! Still, it was nice while it lasted.
I'm trying to look forward to getting back to school, but I've had such a nice break that it is hard. to do. I had to look up my own syllabus online to remember where we are supposed to start the new semester (stoichiometry in chemistry and the benthic zone for marine science -- aren't you glad you asked?). I was afraid that tomorrow was a Girl Scout night as well and was ready to have an anxiety attack, but I was off a week, so I can wade back in a little more slowly -- whew!
So with all of that looming, I slipped out of the house this afternoon to catch a "chick flick" and enjoy a few minutes without the kids. I really do love my kids, but if I had to play another board game or referee another heated negotiation I was going to get a little grumpy. So I saw PS I love you, even though the review said it was full of "shallow tear". I have no objections to shallow tears, having been known to tear up over a McDonald's commercial. It was just what I needed, and put me down south by the fabric store where I picked up some green quilting thread and a can of spray baste. Life is pretty good most of the time.

Almost forgot about a Sunday Stash Report. I used up lots of yardage in the borders and backs of the Pinwheel and John Deere Quilts. Even though I bought some remnants and three new reds, the amount out is still more than the amount in!


Ginger Patches said...

Do you have your comments e-mailed to you? If you do you can usually respond directly from your e-mail. Sometimes people have no-reply and then you can't answer them. Mine was on no-reply by mistake until someone pointed it out to me and then I changed it. Does this make sense? If not e-mail me and I'll try to explain better :) I agree with you that there should be a manual, it's hard when you're first starting to blog!

Ginger Patches said...

Oh and I love that tractor quilt!

scraphappy said...

When I leave a comment I ask for follow up comments to be e-mailed to me. However, if I respond to a comment left for my by someone else like I am now, does that person get a direct response, or do they have to check back to my blog to see if I answered? So I guess my question is, are you reading the comment by e-mail ?
Oh - thanks for the compliment on the tractor quilt, I've been thinking it was a little busy. I usually put everything on a white or beige background.

Melzie said...

The ideal is to have your comments emailed and then again ideally they havea return email :) Love the quilts, welcome to blogging! xoxo melzie