Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's begining to look a lot like A QUILT

I got my side triangles finished this afternoon, but haven't had time to do the corners yet. Still, I couldn't resist, putting together my thoughts on the last set of squares and seeing what they would look like together. I think I must be pretty close, there are only so many logical ways for the rest of the squares to fit together. I love the way the two squares play so well together, making a secondary pattern, you almost can't tell where one ends and the other begins. I wish I had a design wall big enough to play, but my husband is quite used to coming home to a quilt in the formal living room. It's even cold enough now that we had to close all the windows, so the blocks won't blow away:)


Kathy Wagner said...

Ooooohhh I like your layout!
Can't wait to see how close you are to Bonnie's idea!!

Melzie said...

I was wondering, did you leave the more quilting for fun ring? I cant find the link on your site ;) xoxo melzie

Susie said...

By now you know your layout isn't quite like Bonnies but I like yours! I am going to play with mine too. Not crazy about about those large light squares and thinking about making them nine patches.