Monday, January 21, 2008


This is the spot in our minivan where our radio and XM receiver used to be. Why would someone steal the faceplate to a radio and leave the radio behind? Why does my husband refuse to lock the car at night? Am I going to have to drive from pawn shop to pawn shop to buy back our stolen merchandise AGAIN? At least this time, unlike the last, my dear husband didn't leave my purse unlocked in his car while I was giving birth to our third child. And at least it was just our car that was broken into, and not our home this time. Still, I've cleaned more fingerprint dust than anyone should have to, and spent more time in pawn shops than I would like to. SIGH...
I would have been fine just being robbed, but it was hard to explain to the kids. We simply said that bad men had broken into the car and taken daddies radio. MY little princess with the earnest wisdom of her four-and-a-half years looked at me quite confused, and said, "Mommy, I thought bad guys were imaginary." We spend so much time telling her that all the bad things are make-believe and that she shouldn't be scared, how do I tell her that bad guys are really real even though monsters are still just pretend?

I was up until 1 last night finishing up the blocks for Carolina Crossroads. Now I just have to decide the sashing issue and I can get the top made. I don't have any large yardage for the back, so I was thinking about doing the Bonny Hunter 10 inch square thing. I did find the label last night, so that is ready to go. I just want to add the final piece count after I decide about the borders and such.


Kathy Wagner said...

I do like the layout with the red sashing :)

Karen said...

Love the Carolina Crossroads with the red.