Sunday, January 20, 2008

To Sash or not to Sash?

I was happy enough with my Carolina Crossroads, I thought it looked quite nice actually. Then I saw all the people who were adding sashing strips to the quilt and changing it from a diagonal to a straight set. Well, I've already made the setting triangles, so there is NO way I'm going to change the setting, but some of the quilts with sashings added are quite nice. And so now I have to decide which I like better. I see the stars without sashing, but my eye seems to find the massive checkerboard first. I like the way the exact blocks used are camouflaged and the eye flows over the quilt in the original design, I think it makes it look more complicated. But each block is highlighted by the sashing strips. And so, now I must decide, to sash or not to sash. I've still got 9 more rail fence blocks to sew together, so I guess I can mull for a few minutes more. If I leave it on the floor of the family room for a couple of days, I can assault people who come to the door and make them vote.

1 comment:

Quilterin said...

The colours of your quilt are wonderful!
I like the quilt wothout sashing more than the other one and I`m looking forward to your decision.