Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Two more Elm Creek Blocks

After pulling out my Elm Creek Sampler Quilt yesterday, I realized that I have enough blocks made already for a foyer quilt. I finished up these two, which were already cut and decided to turn the blocks into a quilt. After taking out the mysteriously large blocks, I'll have enough for a 5 by 6 setting. I think I'll add a simple sashing, a colorful border and call it good enough. As much fun as it is to make big quilts, I'd rather have finished ones to hang and enjoy. That will also liberate the scraps for something fun!
The kids are home early today which is very odd indeed. Usually semester exams fall just before winter break, and everyone gets out early while the older kids are taking exams. Well, the legislature got involved, and mandated a later school start date. So exams have been moved until after winter break. After having two weeks off, they go to school for two days, and then have early dismissal for the next three days. To make matters even worse, they get next Monday off for teacher planning. The Monday after that is Martin Luther King Day, another holiday, and the week after has another teacher workday! Having a day off every month or so is nice, but occasionally there has to be a full five day week -- doesn't there?


Ila said...

When I worked for the state university, February was the month with the most work days! Go figure. Your Elm Creek blocks are full of happy, what a nice addition to your home it will be.

Levi said...

you've got some nice things here