Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween! I hope everyone had a happy holiday. We have a Halloween tradition of setting a fire pit up in the driveway and sitting out passing out candy and roasting marshmallows for s'mores. The weather was perfect this year! There was just a tiny chill to the air which made it seem more like fall. The neighborhood has gotten into the holiday spirit over the past few years and most of the houses now have people sitting out in the driveway wearing costumes with decorations and music. Some houses give out beer and juice boxes while others bob for apples. It makes it all so much more fun. I always have trouble getting Kurt motivated to celebrate holidays, but this seems to be one that he enjoys.
We had quite a few people making s'mores, especially as the evening progressed. I was afraid for a while that we would run out of chocolate, but we ended up with just enough. Some of the kids had never roasted a marshmallow before or made a s'more. How sad. Some of the older kids remembered the marshmallows from years past and made a point of saving our house for last.
Our kids all had very different philosophies toward trick-or-treating this year. Sydney was so excited and went at it like a madman, running from house to house. Ryan was mellow and hung back with the grown-ups. Anna did part of the block with us and then went off with two of her friends from the bus. It seems like just last year that we took her out for the first time and she could barely say trick-or-treat. I'm starting to feel like they are getting grown up so fast. It all just keeps speeding by.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Oh how fun! We live so far out of town that we probably won't ever get "visitors" other than some silly students paying a special trip :0) Instead, WE are a few of MANY people that walk Main Street and two other neighborhoods in town. Your "block" sounds just like one of our town's biggest areas, too----most of the houses take part in the festivities, and it's so nice-n-easy to get the girls to a LOT of houses all in the safe confines of a local area.

Glad that your family enjoyed the night and that all was safe. And YES! My Caitlyn and Your Sydney might be long-lost twins too! Last year, she was glued by my side; this year, I had to reel her in since she went running of like a madman!

Happy Weekend---kick back and enjoy :0)

Penny said...

Sounds like a neat neighborhood!

LuAnn said...

What a fun evening, and you are making great memories for your family. Years from now they will remember the firepit on Halloween. If I lived closer I would come by for a visit. We didn't have one single visitor last night. How sad. I miss those times. Glad you celebrated in such a fun way!!!!!

Julie said...

Wow, I never got beer when I was a trick or treater! (LOL - I couldn't resist.)