Saturday, November 1, 2008

Everybody Go Vote

Kurt is going to be out of town on election day, giving me a very limited window of kid-free/work-free time. In order to avoid having to worry about possible delays and long lines, I went ahead and voted today. Sydney waited with me and kept our fellow line standers entertained by singing the ABC song and dancing. She got a glow-in-the-dark bracelet and a coloring book about voting. She wrote her vote inside the front cover while I was filling out my ballot. Now I just have to sit back and wait to see what happens on Tuesday. Make sure you all get out there and vote. After the role Florida played in the 2000 election, I think we all know how important a single vote can be.
Most of the afternoon was taken up with an open house at school. I had a few forensic science students in, and they ran some little demos of labs and things. Community open houses are one of those times when it hits you that private schools have a definite business aspect lacking in public schools. Public schools don't have a marketing department. The kids did a great job of making the class sound exciting and the touring families thought forensic science sounded like a really cool class to take. I hung out in the background and tried to let them do all the work.
Before that, the morning was taken up with a run (only 9 miles today!), so that accounts for most of the day. I did have a little time to sew and got a couple of shoofly blocks done. I use some blocks that were rejects for the Orange crush quilt and some extra squares from the 3.5 inch drawer. It's amazing how quickly a quilt can come together when all of the parts are already made. My kids spent some time before lunch playing out in the driveway, so I took Dad's Plaids out and sewed down some more binding. I'm sure I'll get back around to the start again some day.

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Julie said...

I always vote, even for the most obscure little elections that half the people don't even seem to know about. I will be there Tuesday and I can't wait to see how crowded it is.