Thursday, February 18, 2010

Back Home Now

We are just back from our cruise. I've managed to get some laundry done, but that is about all so far. My in-laws are still here until tomorrow, so another day until I can settle back into my bedroom and unpack.
The cruise was great. Not fabulous weather unfortunately, but very relaxing. I'll do the full rundown tomorrow after I get the few pictures off our camera, but for now, here is a towel monkey just like the one that was in our stateroom yesterday. It is always hard to readust to real life after a vacation. There is nobody here to turn my towel into an armadillo or an elephant, nobody bringing extra desserts "just in case", nobody trying to convince me to order an extra entree at diner or delivering a daily list of activities to my room every evening. Still, there were no big hugs out there on the big blue ocean or little toothless grins telling me how good it is to have me home again. The kids all seemed to do very well while we were gone, though they were all happy to see us again. Kurt did spend the last two days of the vacation mentioning how much "Anna would love the ice show" or "Ryan would get a kick out of the magician". I think 5 days was a little longer than he wanted to be away from home. I was happy to be gone, but just as happy to be home again. I'm not happy with the way my jeans fit, but I guess I guess that is the price I must pay for all the "free" food.

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