Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Break Time

I've done quite a bit of relaxing so far, interspersed with supervision and entertaining of kids. I'm slowly working my way through the rest of the spinning star blocks. I think I'm going to make four quarters of these blocks separated with a 2 inch sashing strip and then a wide border of something different. Maybe some string blocks?

It isn't really warm enough to swim yet. (Unheard of for this time of year in Florida) But I've been turning on the hot tub for the kids and they've been in and out of the pool quite a bit this week. Anna is convinced that Lizzie likes to swim and has been giving her lessons. Lizzie isn't so sure. I think we are going new car shopping this afternoon for a new mini van for Kurt. Yesterday was a trip to see How to Train a Dragon and tomorrow I think the zoo is on the itinerary.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Oh yeah---Lizzie! Good seeing her again---she's grown quite some since last seen!

I enjoy watching your progress over the week!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

I took a closer look at the blocks and suddenly said to the empty room..."HEY! I have that fabric too!" dawned.......Did I include some of that fabric with the give-away you won ions ago?!?!?

LOL! I'm only 34, but starting to have the mind of an 84 year old.