Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby Quilt Bonanza

I was up way too late last night finishing up the two baby quilts for the shower today. The first one is for a girl with a hunter green nursery with cherry furniture.
The next is for a surprise baby, so I went with brights and novelties. It was getting late by the time that the binding came up, so I did a cheater turnover binding on the first and sewed both sides on the machine for the second. I'm not thrilled with how that part turned out, but I was rushing a bit.
I would have come home and gone straight to bed this afternoon, but it was Girl Scouts tonight, so I had to do that first. It is 8:33 now though and I am calling it a night. Just two and half days until spring break, pushing jello up hill the whole time.


Amy said...

Gosh, that cherry was is gorgeous! Great job on it Angela.
I have dutifully been in bed by 10:30 each night lately---I just can't bear to stay up late anymore---CRABBBBBBBY in the morning!

Amy said...

Okay, maybe it's time for ME to head to bed...afterall it IS 9:15!

Amanda said...

I particularly like your cherry and hunter green quilt. Best of luck with the last few days, it's always the worst time of the whole year I think.

Candace said...

They're both beautiful. I was glad to have finished one, and you finished two while working. Yeah, you! I hope you get some rest though, and hope you enjoy your spring break.