Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blog 499 and Turning the Corner

At the end of the first marathon I ever ran, there was a very long street which ended in a sharp right turn. It was a double loop marathon, so I'd already seen the path and knew that I just needed to go around the bend and into the park, past the fountain and through the finish gate. Although I was exhausted, in pain, and ready to be done; somehow seeing past the turn and almost to the end made it all possible.
I think I finally turned that last corner of my school year today. It's been late nights followed by early mornings and long days of slogging through a list that just kept growing. Last night I finished writing the last of my three finals and today I managed to plow through three towering stacks of lab journals and almost entirely empty my "in" folders. There are still odds and ends to be done of course, make-up work, proof reading, photocopies...... but the balance has finally tipped so that the undone is less than the done.

Big sigh of relief as that final burst of energy kicks in to get me to the end.

I dug the small pocket camera out of my purse today and found a veritable treasure trove of random photos. The top photo is Sydney at the Mother's Day tea in her class at school. No sign of the top teeth yet, but she is starting to get the two bottoms in. I especially love the big yellow forehead from a healing bruise that she kind of remembers getting from bumping into someone at school .
This one in Anna in "jail" during her class field trip to St. Augustine. Kurt took her on that one and she still talks about the dead bugs that they use to make red dye number 40.

These next two are the most recent additions to my goody pile for my 500th post giveaway. The top is a little home made honey bun with a group of rainbow hued 1.5 inch strips. Next is a group of 25 2.5 inch squares in the colors of the rainbow. If 5 inch squares are nickels, does that make these quarters? I'm going to call it that whether it is real or not. So here is my rainbow quarter stack. Like a charm pack, but smaller. Just one more post to go. I'll try not to wait another week this time between posts.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

1 week left, right???
whew----your end really IS in sight!

And you're marathon analogy really hit home {{read my blog post tonight and you might make a connection??}}

I'm happy for you; very close to your finish line.

Amanda said...

Oh, your blog took me back to those summer term blues. I'm so lucky to have moved beyond all that now, and I don't miss it a bit. And what a great picture of Sydney - she'll be cursing you for that one in days to come.

Linda said...

Counting down in so many ways! Here's hoping for some good, relaxing-take-a-couple-of-long-deep-breaths and wind down times ahead for you!