Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mariposa Done Done

There is done and there is done done. It took most of the afternoon, but Mariposa is all the way done with the last stitch just taken in the binding. I'm always amazed that the last step can take as much time as all of the previous steps combined. I'll get it packaged up so that I can take it in to school tomorrow. There are three days of post planning scheduled, but I'm just about done with what I need to do. I have one parent who wants to schedule a conference and I need to count my textbooks. That should just about do it. I might take the kids in with me in the morning and let them plant some seeds in the vegetable portion of the solar innovation garden.

This is Lizzie who shamelessly stole my spot the minute I got up from my binding stitching session. Then she looked at me with that innocent "who me?" look on her face.
I've gotten a ton of comments from the Online Quilt Festival, but I haven't had a chance to look through much or respond. I think I'll do that now that my must do list is taken care of. Then I can pick the project I want to work on next and even stay up until the wee hours to work on it if the muse strikes. Aahhhhh, summer!!!!!


Amy said...

gosh, what a fun quilt! Glad to see you kicking back already!!!!

merrily row said...

Lovely quilt, and I meant to ask earlier about the name as I live in a town of the same name.

Amanda said...

What a pretty quilt, I love the colours. I agree with you, it always seems strange to have to spend so much more time finishing off once the body of the top is finished.