Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Counting Down

Post number 501, and just two days of school left in the school year. I started digging for something fun to add to the giveaway and came up with some kits that I ordered from Connecting Threads. Something about a nicely packaged quilt with pretty coordinating fabric makes me terrified to dig in and I've never started any of these. So the lucky winner can choose one of these kits. They are: Cosmos in Bloom, Cosmos Strippy, and Root of the Madder Storm at Sea. The finished quilts are about 36 inches square, if you win and want more details before making a choice, I can elaborate. If you haven't entered the drawing yet, just leave me a nice comment on blog number 500.

It's Wednesday, and I keep waiting for an evening this week to spend at home. Monday I did a night out with a girlfriend who needed to get out of the house, and that was a nice change of pace. Tuesday was the last Girl Scout service meeting of the year. I was so hopeful that tonight would be my chance to devote some time to quilting, but it was home for a quick dip in the pool before heading out to football practice. I've been trying to leave it all up to Kurt, but it seems that most of the players have both parents there to lend support and so he wanted me there as well. It's not that I don't want to be supportive, I just that all of my knowledge of football comes from the movie The Blindside. I try to follow along, but I get lost and my mind wanders.

We got home in time to put the kids to bed, and I decided to work up a couple of trial blocks for the comfort quilt I was planning to make for my coworker's wife who is getting ready for chemotherapy after a double mastectomy. It is going to be called Mariposa and is a simpler version of the Twilight quilt that I made just before school started. I'll use these simple flying geese stars instead of the sampler blocks and maybe add the extra dark geese into the border. That's the plan so far anyway. I'd better get it whipped up in a hurry. I won't be seeing much of the people at work after post planning ends next week.

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Amanda said...

What pretty colours in the quilt you're planning for your colleague's wife. What a wonderful time you're going to have once term ends, your planning's done and you've spent a bit of time recovering.