Saturday, May 29, 2010

Design Decisions

I think words are driving my design ideas. It started with a simple plan to use up my leftovers and clear out the randomness in order to free up the space to work on something monochromatic. When working with leftovers, I find it easier to separate the crumbs (kinda square) from the strings (long and skinnyish). As I worked on sorting them, the names Crumb Cake and String Cheese started working their way through my mind. The crumbs came first, and as I worked through them, I quickly became bored with pure randomness, and in the way that an idle mind does, I started creating patterns out of chaos. The patterns turned into letters. Using Tonya's tutorial for free pieced letters as it exists in my head, the Crumb Cake quilt asked for a saying. Marie Antionette was haunting my mind from the long ago days of high school French and so I decided upon, "Let them eat crumb cake". There are only 6 letters done so far out of the 19 that are needed, but the general idea is starting to coagulate. The blocks are 7 inches with a 3 inch sashing strip between. I still need to decide on the color for that. DH Kurt thinks something dark to make the blocks blend better and I am liking the white to make the blocks pop out better. Maybe a comprimise with contrasting cornerstones? I'll let it simmer overnight and then think about it some more in the morning. My floor is a tangled mass of trimmings and treads as the basket of rejects, leftovers and afterthoughts turns into something. How happy is that?


Quilter Kathy said...

Very interesting blog post! I think you are right...we can't resist trying to bring order from chaos! I have two big scrap bags that I'd love to make something out of. I have an idea but of course it is very orderly :) LOl
I like the contrast you have added in with the red, the white and the black. Look forward to seeing what you decide!

Micki said...

Great post! I don't have enough of scraps to be thinking of getting something done with them.

Amanda said...

What a brilliant idea, it's great fun sometimes just to go with the flow and see what emerges.