Monday, May 24, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I was going to use the flying geese as a border for Mariposa. Instead I used a plain border and now I have all these extra blocks hanging out waiting to do something. Maybe some Spring place mats or a table runner?
Right now I'm off to do a little ironing and putting away. I'm going to try to be more diligent about taking care of scraps and leaders and enders after every quilt instead of letting them build up. I spent an entire weekend recently working through a huge basket full.
After that I am going to sew some crumbs and strings for while. I am in the mood for some nice mindless sewing. I have two names floating through my mind, so coming soon; crumb cake and string cheese.


Dr. Quiltmom said...

I love your Mariposa quilt. I think the plain borders really show off the stars.

mindless sewing is always a good way to start off a summer vacation.

Is it a lot of work to load the quilt and then turn it? Sees like it would be.

Quilter Kathy said...

I am trying to be more carefully about cleaning up scraps and organizing them after a project too.
Sometimes you just need to do some mindless sewing and when the scraps are organized it is so easy to do.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

String Cheese----LOVE it, specially if you have an overabundant amount of yellows/oranges

You wanna come up to Wis and help me keep up with some mysteries/challenges that have started???? I want to jump right in, but now *I'm* loaded with end-of-year stuff; softball, volleyball, garden planting..... Oh well; I guess that's why we have a printer :0)

Judy said...

I've been sewing crumbs today as leaders/enders. We all need a day of mindless sewing. I love all your geese. And your Mariposa turned out wonderful.

Linda said...

I love the Mariposa Quilt. It looks so fresh.

Flying geese used to be my least favorite thing to do and now I really enjoy them. These would look great on some placemats or a tablerunner. Cute names for some scrappy quilts!

Ah, mindless sewing. Great way to start the summer and get some scraps out of the way too. Good way to start with a finished project!

Diane said...

love flying geese so versatile.