Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mariposa is Quilted

I would have been done ages ago, but we went out to dinner and so a big chunk of my evening was booked. I tried out a ribbon pattern for the quilting, but it was looking a little striped, so I just did a basic meander in the middle and some quick feathers in the border. I used pink for those so they didn't show up too much, I'm still in the practicing stages on the whole feather concept. I got lazy when it came time to turn the quilt sideways to finish the side borders and went ahead and whipped those out on my regular sewing machine. I'll do the binding tomorrow and trim the loose ends so I can call it done. I don't like to seem too happy about being on summer vacation when other people aren't done yet -- but I am doing a little happy dance in my head right now. Summer is a very good thing.


Amanda said...

What a pretty quilt, and the quilting looks great. I haven't tried any feathers yet, I keep putting it off.

Micki said...

I love the quilt,. esp. the pink.

Linda said...

Love the colors and your feathers are looking great. I have learned we are our worst critics! Enjoy your happy dance! 8 1/2 school days and I will join your dance.!