Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Still Ending the Year

Today I spent some time sorting through the scrap basket. I tend to throw anything into a basket that is leftover or extra. I enjoy cutting strips and squares mindlessly from time to time, and so tend to pull out the pieces that are largish. What is left are the humblest crumbs that I'm sure most people would toss without a backward glance. I've pulled a few out to make crumb and string blocks, but the basket was overflowing and needed some more drastic attention. Working my way down the basket was like an archeological dig of quilts past. A bit of green parrots from the back of the I spy, still more pieces of whirly giggles, extra bits from the nursing home series, wow, how long ago was the Dresden plates quilt? I guess some of those have been fermenting for a while. A more user friendly organization was called for.
Having seen several spectrum quilts recently, I was inspired to sort my crumbs chromatically. How pretty do they look hanging out together like that? I've got some mixed crumbs still in the works, but as soon as those are finished off I'll try a few monochromatic blocks and see how it goes.

This evening was our end of the year meeting for Girl Scouts. We swam, ate some ice cream and played Just Dance on the Wii. I think that was my last end of the year celebration. Tomorrow swim team starts. I guess that means that summer is really and truly here at last.


Barb said...

In an effort to work through some of my scraps I started sorting them and cutting some 2 1/2" strips/then squares. I must have enough scraps to sew for the rest of my life ~ not that it stops me from buying new...

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

At least you are tackling your crumbs yourself :0) Yup, {{nodding head}}, I was right to have my Crumb giveaway!

LOVE the sort! A chromatic crumb quilt will look amazing!

No quilting for me yet; I'll keep up with your creations though :0)

Quilter Kathy said...

Look at those scrap salads! Good enough to eat!