Saturday, May 29, 2010

We Got Slimed!!

We just returned from a family vacation to the Nickelodeon Hotel in Orlando. They have two big pools with water slides and lots of games and activities for the kids. We went two years ago to celebrate all of the kids summer birthdays and they had so much fun that we decided to go back again.

One of the things that they enjoyed most was the evening show called Slime Time Live. It is a game show that has two families competing in silly games and answering trivia questions. Anna was convinced that we should be the family on the stage and orchestrated the audition process. On the application she described our family as having odd hobbies such as ice skating in Florida and being the smallest football player ever. She didn't mention making quilts in Florida, but it would have fit right in. I guess it worked because we were lucky enough to be chosen for the show. The team had to consist of two adults and two children, so Sydney sat in the audience as our official photographer.
Ryan was in the first game, getting marshmallows out of a bowl of slime without using his hands. The second game was Anna putting on as many pairs of underwear as she could. Even though we lost all of the games, we answered the final trivia question correctly: "What was the name of the Lifeguard on Sponge Bob Square Pants?" It was Larry the lifeguard of course.

Our grand prize was the team captain getting slimed. Anna enjoyed every minute of it. I'm not quite sure what the slime was made out of, but they promised that it was completely edible and nontoxic.

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