Monday, July 26, 2010

Catching UP Finishing UP Counting DOWN

Sydney had an eye appointment today and picked out these glasses. She's never worn glasses before and is SO excited about it. I'm sure that will wear off soon enough. I was pretty shocked that she didn't end up with something pink or purple. She doesn't really NEED them to see, but they are supposed to make it easier for her to focus on the letters when she is reading. Anna has a Mr. Science camp this week that goes all the way to 5 in the evening. That left us plenty of time to make a trip to our BRAND NEW Hobby Lobby. Today was their grand opening though I have heard through the grapevine about people who went last week. I used my 40% off coupon to get a little purple graduated fat quarter bundle and got a little bit more fabric for the Christmas BOM at 30% off. Ryan was suitably impressed with the Lego selection and Sydney fell in love with the build your own dollhouse kits. I'm sure we'll be making a lot of trips here in the future.
We cooked out on the new grill for dinner and were just sitting down to eat when we saw a strange man on the roof next door. Yes, the houses here are close enough to each other that I could take this photo from my kitchen table. We were puzzled at first, but soon figured out that he was there to take care of a bee hive that had taken up residence in the eves. We had a swarm land on our house a couple of years ago, but I guess they didn't like our roof and moved to the one next door instead. It was pretty interesting to watch him climbing around on the roof squirting smoke and dodging bees. I'm not sure if it worked, eventually we all went back to eating before our food got cold.
After sending the kids off to bed I put together three more block of the month blocks. I am almost caught up again!!! I think these are the June Blocks: Cobwebs, Constellation and County Fair. Now, on to July -- I'd better do it quick before the August blocks come out.


Amanda said...

Great glasses, so much better than the pink plastic NHS glasses I had to have at that sort of age. Your Hobby Lobby sounds much like our Hobby Craft shops. Our nearest is over an hour's drive away, so I haven't been there yet since we moved.

Dr. Quiltmom said...

Busy mom and making the most of your time. Sydney's glasses are cute and my kids read Captain Underpants too. We had the bat man at our house a few years ago. A blessing to get rid of those buggers. We have no Hobby Lobby just a hobby shop for RC cars. Not good for me. Enjoy

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Whew---I'm all caught up reading your posts since last week! Lots of work on the BOM; I didn't realize you were using C'mas colors.

Oh boy---those glasses are going to make Sydney look years older than she is; whatever will you do?

So a I thought it was a countdown to the final days of summer. GOSH---they are ticking away, aren't they?

Judy said...

Sydney looks adorable in her new glasses! I've never been in a Hobby Lobby but if we had one, I'm sure I'd be a very good customer. ;)
I wondered why you had a picture of a Ninja on the roof. Bees, love them, hate them.
The BOMs look fabulous!

Andee said...

Wow getting caught up!