Friday, July 30, 2010

Something New

The best part of finishing a project is the guilt free beginning of something new. This one isn't entirely new. I've had the fabric collected together for a while now, and I started with a couple of star blocks last week. Today I started on the letters though and they are all done, but not put together yet. This quilt is one that Anna requested. Her room is moons and stars and she chose the saying and requested wonky stars like the ones in this quilt. The design is still under construction, but I'm thinking that "shoot for the moon" will go in the upper left corner, maybe followed by a dot dot dot. Then the lower right corner will have "even if you miss, you will land among the stars. Then at the top I'm thinking of making a big moon out of yellow and orange crumbs. then the bottom half will have the star blocks randomly sprinkled around among a varied blue background. I'd like all of that to fit on the top of the bed, so I might do a border of yellow stars for the overhang part of the bed.
Kurt was off today, giving me time to work though it was still sprinkled in with looking after the kids. We had lots of friends over and it was quite loud all day. He was nice enough to take them all to Hobby Lobby tonight and all is calm and quiet at the moment. I think I'll settle down with the remote control and hand sew some binding. Maybe I'll tidy a bit first. Wonky letters are lots of fun, but they sure do make a mess.


Andee said...

Very nice...looking forward to seeing it all come together! Makes me wish my mom had been a quilter so I could make requests!

Linda said...

Fun! This will be another great bedroom in your home-- Thank you for being a great mom to your girls!

Quilter Kathy said...

It's going to be fabulous! It was fun to read how you are planning to develop this quilt. I really want to try to make these intrigues me. Now I will watch to see how you put the words together!