Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thrifty Thursday #4

Thanks to Amy for today's Thrifty Thursday suggestion. When traveling to the farm on weekends she carries safety pins in an empty Crystal Light container. It is a convenient size with a diameter of 2.5 inches and height of 6 inches, and has a snap tight lid.
That got me thinking about what else a Crystal Light container could be used for. After digging out my clover yo-yo maker, I realized that it was the perfect size to hold the Clover small circle yo-yo maker. (It was at that time that I also discovered that the 3 inch circles from the GO cutter fit just perfectly into the small circle yo-yo maker.)
I bought several yo you makers ages ago, thinking that yo-yos would be nice carry around hand work, but I just don't ever seem to get to it. It bugs me that when sewn together, they make a quilt with open spaces, more like an afghan than a quilt really. I used to try cuddling up under afghan and get frustrated when my toes would get stuck in all the holes.
Now, hexies on the other hand, are all the rage right now. I can see why, these shapes actually fit together in lots of interesting ways to make fun patterns. When sewn together, they make a quilt top that isn't full of wholes. So, for those working on hexies, a Crystal Light container is just the right size to hold your work in progress along with papers, fabric, scissors, needle and thread. The lid snaps on to keep it all safe and organized, and it is just the right size to fit into the cup holder of your car or the bottom of your purse. The key to getting work done is having something ready to go when you are dashing out the door, so how about putting together a little sew on the go kit of your own?


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Ohhhh...I commend you girl! Hand-sewing those NOT up my alley right now. BUT, you never know what the future may hold!!!

Andee said...

Brilliant! I have stored crochet needles in them too! And I am hand sewing some hexies too, but they are bigger and won't fit...