Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Visit

We drove to Georgia this weekend to visit family and to trade out kids for the great cousin swap of 2010. Sydney is visiting her cousin Paige, Anna is staying with Noanie (Grandma), and we brought Austin back to stay with Ryan for the week. Make perfect sense, right?

While we were there, my sister had a craft project lined up. She saw some adorable aprons in a magazine made from tea towels. So we drove to Macon where they have a brand new Joann's and she picked out some coordinating fabrics.

Seriously, how cute is that? She is a goddess of domesticity and often wears aprons while doing the Martha Stewart thing around the kitchen.
I didn't get many photo's of the kids, but here is Zach. He is three now and doing just great at the moment.
We are glad to be home again safe and sound. We do the 8 hour drive often enough now that it doesn't seem like a big deal at all.


Amanda said...

What a great idea, to swap cousins, so that they build up good strong relationships. I never had any cousins to get to know and have always felt sad about that. The aprons are cute, but I've never seen the point of not having a bib. It's invariably my top half that I drop things on.

Linda said...

How fun for everyone! I have great memories of spending time staying at cousins in the summer time! Also great aprons! Another memory of all moms and grandma's wearing aprons.