Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Blocks of the month: 54-40 or Fight, Housewife, Road to the White House
The patterns are all available at Amy's amazing blog:

It was one of those weekends where we chose not to do several things because the days just seemed too full. With just two weeks until school starts, the days are getting more precious. Anna had a Girl Scout swim party this afternoon with her new troop of which I am not the leader (!). It is giving her a chance to meet some of the people from her new school. I hope that it will help ease her transition. Ryan had a chess tournament and lost all his games but took it very well. I guess only very good players come to summer tournaments.
I spent some time in between loads of laundry and dishes today sewing together some of the blocks of the month that I cut out yesterday at ice skating. I was going to piece them in order, but Road to the White house was for from May and somehow got ahead of Pennsylvania Parade from April. I'll make sure to do that one next so I don't get myself confused about what I've done. Maybe if things are calm after pizza tonight I can get some more done. Sunday is always our pizza night because we are all too tired to cook after the weekend festivities.
Sydney had a friend over to play and they made hanger art out of the ceiling fan. I should have suspected that they were a little too quiet up there. I made a rule that all the doors have to stay open, but they manage to find trouble anyway.

I managed to knock the last front wheel off of the grill while pressure washing Friday.
That meant that Kurt had to go out today and get a new one. End of summer is a good time to buy outside things. Isn't it shiny and new? I can't believe nobody wanted to cook something on it yet, but it will stay shiny for at least another day.
Next week is a maze of last minute appointments, orthodontists and ophthalmologists, I think there is still one more summer camp to go as well. It is good to take care of as much as possible during the summer, but part of me wants to enjoy just a few more days of relaxation. Now that I think about it, there haven't exactly been a lot of those lately. Maybe going back to school is a good thing.


Amanda said...

I just love the imagination that children show when they are left to their own devices. Thankfully some of their ideas are safer than others! Oliver's scariest was to see if he could jump out of his bedroom window! He could! He flew right past the kitchen window and gave me the fright of my life. Luckily he was all in one piece - at least he was until I got hold of him!

Isn't it rotten the way the summer holidays seem to fly past. Our children and teachers have only just broken up, so there's still six weeks ahead of them to enjoy.

Judy said...

This post makes me teary eyed. I miss my kiddos being young and adventurous......Love the hanger art! Sorry Ryan didn't do better in the tournament, but don't give up! With all that going on, you still made time to sew! Good job.

Linda said...

I love the hanger art! Think of it with your teacher mind. They had to work together cooperatively to plan, use coordination, work using their time wisely, and they must have worked quietly without disturbing others!

Like Amanda, it reminded me of when my boys learned to make paper airplanes--they were maybe 5 & 7. As I worked in the kitchen I saw paper airplanes floating by--They had pushed out the storm window upstairs and were leaning out the window to see how far the airplanes would fly!