Saturday, May 14, 2011


We got a notice at work yesterday that there was a giveaway for teachers of office supplies and furniture.  Kurt volunteered to come with me to help in case I needed anything carried.  Since I'm getting a new classroom next year, I'll be in need of shelves and cabinets. Although I wasn't lucky enough to get any shelves, I did bring home a file cabinet.  I spent the afternoon with some blue spray paint and I think it will look pretty good when I am done with it.  My "new:" classroom isn't really new and is need of a little TLC, but I have some plans for fresh paint and some happy curtains that should make things I a bit cheerier. 
After that I worked on some more painting in Sydney's dollhouse.She picked out all of the colors and has been a big part of helping to put it all together.  She wants to have it ready to play with for her birthday party next weekend, so we've kicked it into high gear.  Unfortunately Kurt got impatient waiting for me to do my part and he put it all together before I could do most of the interior painting.  It would have been so much easier to do when the pieces were all nice and flat and spread out, but I am making it work.  I tried not to swear out loud as I used a mirror to see the ceilings and trimmed out the edges in tricky nooks and crannies. 
Kurt was out of town all last week and took a red-eye home on Thursday. Therefore, I went out after work on Friday for a little "me" time. I made a trip to Joann's for the new Quiltmaker 100 blocks issue and found some fabric to try out on the purple and green quilt.  I also watched a movie and saw two of my students working at the theater.  Graduation in on Wednesday and then there are are just three more days of exams with the underclassmen until the year is officially done.  


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

It appears you and I both are getting better at keeping our inner-DH-love'im-hate'im voice at bay :0) That's quite the dollhouse!

I'd be curious to see pics of your new classroom. The more I thought about my curiosity, I was hit with a logic moment......'this is Angela! You know there will be Before's and After's at some point.'.

Happy Count-down :0)

Caren Kristine said...

We have that dollhouse! We love it. It is the perfect size for polly pockets.