Monday, May 30, 2011

Sliding Into Summer

It is officially summer vacation! Well, honestly, it has been summer vacation for almost a week now, but it hasn't quite felt that way yet.  I mentioned earlier that I was getting a new room for next year.  Our school was built in 1957 and although new rooms have been added since then, some have been around since the beginning of time.   I wasn't exactly thrilled about being moved, and so asked permission for a bit of a room makeover. 
Not only did I get permission, but also some extra help and support.  This is my department chair who came in to help with the painting.  She is absolutely fabulous and I am so lucky to be working with her again!
Even the kids got in on the action.  Ryan did a great job attaching handles and hinges.  Anna helped move drawers in and out while Sydney had a blast with putty and glue. I am sure they were not completely thrilled with starting summer vacation at school, but they were good sports about it. 
Three days wasn't quite enough to finish all that I have in mind, but it made a huge dent.  The paint is fresh and clean, the grime is scrubbed away.  I've got covers made for the cubbies where students hide their cell phones and nifty plugs for the sinks as well.  There is some fabric involved as well, which I will use for a little window valance and bulletin board cover.  
So with the bulk of my classroom renovation under control, I'm ready to switch gears for summer projects.  I've pulled out a stack of flimsies awaiting borders that are first on the list.  Last night while watching TV with the family, I sorted through scraps and cut them into strips and squares.  I'm not sure what I'll start with, but anticipation is all part of the fun.  Swim team starts bright and early in the morning and then I have an entire day to sew and hang out with the kids.  Sometimes being a teacher is a really good thing!


Amanda said...

Am I getting a clue for next month's colour? I remember those days of having to take my boys into school with me during the school holidays. They were reasonably happy to help as long as I gave them some time to play football in the school hall and plenty of goes on the computer. I hope you start enjoying your break now.

Kathy said...

Your classroom is looking very updated.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

That is one clean looking room! LOVE the make-over :0)

Andee said...

Can I just say I know you are an excellent teacher...WOW on starting your summer vacation by working on your classroom!