Saturday, January 28, 2012

Recycled Crafts

Every other Monday we have clubs at the end of the school day.  This semester mine is a Recycled Crafts Club and I have been on the prowl for ideas.  Last time we worked on Origami boxes out of leftover greeting cards.  This week I thought we might make some gift bags out of newspaper.
I was also looking for some bags to use for the upcoming Girl Scout leader daughter camp-out.  I was out shopping for goodies this afternoon and thought it would be more fun to make a container than to buy one.
The girls helped me set up an assembly line tonight and we got a good start on it.  I wish there were enough comics to do all of them, but some are made out of more mundane sections of the paper.  Maybe if I ask nicely I can get some free labor out of my craft club students on Monday?  I found this tutorial on youtube that had directions, though I changed it up a bit.  I can post a tutorial if anyone is interested, I'll need some directions for recycled crafts club as well. 


Lynne said...

That one with comics looks really good. Are you going to give them a coat of something? (Anything liquid will spread the newsprint - you might have to spray first)

april said...

What a great bag! Are there directions somewhere?

krisgray said...

Ah - never seen this b4 - how cute! I love making something new out of something old, and so does my son - what a great winter's day project. Please do post a tut!