Saturday, January 28, 2012

Girls Day

Today the girls wanted to go out and do "girl" things. So first we went and got our toes done, then our hair cut, had a nice lunch out and finished with a little shopping.
First though, I whipped up this happy little crumb star and wanted to do a quick tutorial.
This is perfect for using up all of the extra triangles left from joining binding. I was almost out of red crumbs last week until I made binding for a place-mat and added a bunch of extras back into the jar.
To make a star, you need 8 of those triangles along with four background rectangles that are 2 by 3.5 inches, four two inch squares and one 3.5 inch square.  I used a crumb square of course, because I still had a few leftover as well. 

Just arrange one of those triangles, right sides together, on top of a rectangle of background fabric and sew it so that it will cover the background when flipped.  This is the trickiest part, making it bigger is OK, but try to make sure it is at least big enough to cover the background.
Now iron the triangle and use scissors to trim it even with the edges of the background fabric.

Repeat on the other side, arranging the triangles so that they are both on the same side and facing the correct direction.

Iron and trim again.  I usually trim the background fabric from behind flip and sew triangles, but in this case I left them in because not all of my triangles covered perfectly.  As long as everything was within a quarter of an inch of the edge, it was a keeper.   Then the background stayed in to maintain the correct size and seam allowances. 
Make four flying geese units as shown above and arrange them into a nine patch formation. 
Press and enjoy.  A happy crumb star that uses up all of the extra binding bits. 


Lynne said...

Sounds like you all had fun. Cute star!

BTW, I have written a post about my appliqué attempts.

Quilter Kathy said...

I can't even imagine wearing sandals and seeing the grass in the amazing!
What a fun tutorial!

Deb A said...

Great tutorial. Love the toes... I really need to do mine sometime soon.

Andee said...

Very nice star! That would look great in a rainbow of colors. I need to get my toes done soon...always makes my feet feel so gorgeous!

Scrappy quilter said...

I love how your star turned out.

Ellen said...

I really like your version of this cute block. I will have to use it for next month's project.