Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pink Placemat

 I know it is a new month, but I wasn't quite ready to put away my pink scraps yet.  I didn't have much in the pink jars to make crumb blocks. 
Instead I pulled out some 2.5 inch squares which I sewed together into nine patches.  6 of those with a border turned quickly into a pink place-mat to go with the red and green from earlier months.  Anna has claimed this one as her own, in two more months there will be one for each of us.

So now that I am officially ready to switch over to April, I'm ready to go and pull out my light neutral jar.  It is stuffed full of white, cream, ecru, anything that would work for background.  I might see if I can separate it into very light and not quite as light to get enough contrast for a block or two, otherwise I'll catch up on string blocks for Jamestown Landing. There are a few inspiration quilts linked on the RSC12 tab at the top of the page, be sure to check it out if you are stumped. 
And, just because coming home from vacation is so hard, here the view from the balcony of our room at the resort in Mexico. Now, back to life as usual.


Cathy Tomm said...

Your pink placemat looks great. Yes I just got back fro holiday too. I do not have much to make out of neutral so I may have to do some pink as I am not done yet. I have a few more blocks I was planing in pink.

Elly D said...

Love your pink place mat, good choice Anna ;)
I may be playing with my pinks still too for a while but the cogs are turning about something in neutral. Thank you for the inspirational links :)
Oh the place you went on vacation looks heavenly!
Have a good week. Ellyx

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

I'm in need of some placements...... I'll have to see what goodies I have available to make some "summery" colorful versions. :0)

Back to the grind-stone for's crazy how the time flies by the older we get!

Miss 376 said...

You're going to have a lovely collection by the end of the year. I'm off to see if I have any scraps for this month

dianehobbit said...

It's nice when your work is appreciated! They say the best way to get over a holiday is to book another one. Good luck with the washing and ironing.

Ellen said...

Very nice - I can see why Anna has laid claim to it!

Edith said...

You've inspired me with the pink place-mats, just what someone I know needs. Thank you for all the links and ideas in RCS12.

Kate said...

Very pretty. Perfect for Spring.

Cyn ;-) said...

Pink placemat is gorgeous! I love pink and am having a hard time leaving it behind to work on neutrals.
Welcome home - no matter how great the vacay is there is No Place Like Home!