Sunday, April 1, 2012

Midget Marathon

I am on a manic midget binge.  No actual blocks to show for now, but my Tiny Tuesdays are scheduled to post all the way into May!  I have officially finished off the first two binders which hold blocks 1 - 60.  There are plenty of finished blocks in the other two binders as well when I went out of order for handwork on trips and vacations.  Now I definitely need some simpler power piecing.  I think I'll go see what is easy and ready to be finished off.  It is nice to be home again, catching up on laundry, hanging with the kids.  Life is good. 


Teresa in Music City said...

Good job! Will look forward to seeing the pictures!

Diane Kelsey said...

Great wy to organise blocks.

Ellen said...

Great organization idea. My patterns are in a manila folder and my finished blocks in a basket but I like your idea much better.