Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tiny Tuesday - Alstromeria

This is the same flower block that I did a few weeks ago while experimenting with the freezer paper outside applique method.  I lost most of my seam allowances on that one and decided to try again.  Eventually I realized that the petals were not all the same width.
 I made all of the petals chubbier this time and it worked much better.  I don't like the fabrics as well as the last block, but the technique is much nicer.  I will still call it Alstromeria though, because I want to, and that is a good enough reason for me. It is hard to see in the picture, but I am in the Cancun airport finishing up this block and our airplane is in the background waiting for us to board.  I am posting ahead right now, so by the time this publishes vacation will be just a fond memory. 


Ellen said...

So pretty...I like the fabrics! Glad you were able to sort out the applique issues.

Jan-Maree said...

Oh so pretty! love it !

Kate said...

Very pretty!