Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bouncing Around

I was already to quilt Smith Mountain this morning, but didn't have any of the caramel colored thread I like to use on scrap quilts because it blends so well with most things. 
So while waiting for everyone to get up and around I pondered the backing for Sydney's teal crumbs.  It is amazing how skinny my stash is getting.  Definitely time to do a little shopping!  Sydney helped me decide on this collection of black prints which I cut in 10.5 inch squares. I love using things up.  So much more satisfying than going to the store and buying a big hunk of generic yardage in just the right color. 
Orca Bay is patiently waiting for binding. Maybe teal?
Still haven't made the binding for the Christmas quilt either. I am thinking of the same red from the inner border. 
Now the hard part -- deciding what to work on!  Bonnie is on with quilt cam, so I'll find something I can do with her. 


Kath said...

These quilts are all so yummee. I love the idea of teal binding.

Quilter Kathy said...

Did you see me on Bonnie's blog?!? Wasn't that fun?!?
Maybe you could do some binding??? Hint Hint!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

You sure are on a roll lately. Good for you. Gotta love using up so much stash that you HAVE to go shopping!!! I only shop when there is a great sale, then I add it to the stash. I have added lots to the stash this year, and done hardly any sewing, so now I need to quit shopping and start sewing. LOL.

Sheila said...

Your quilts are beautiful. Love the pieced backing. They are work, but the make a more interesting quilt. Pretty black prints!

Lynne said...

You must be one of the most productive people I know!

Meisje said...

Oh, that was the BACK of the Christmas quilt I saw on your floor. Now I get it. (BTW, I called you back. Did you get the message? And the symphony starts next Saturday, have to talk about that. )