Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Vacation Play

 Kurt had to go back to work today, but the kids and I are not back until next week.  I am trying to put Jamestown Landing back together.  It was all laid out but I picked up the blocks instead of sewing them together.  BIG mistake.  Never pile up a stack of blocks and then try to reassemble them later.
 Sydney had a sleepover last night and has been playing with her friends all morning.  So far we have done video games, sidewalk chalk and board games.  I think dolls are next on the list.
Ryan has a friend over to play and he'll be here all day as his parents are both back at work today.  They have done video games, go carts, minecraft and movie making.  Hard to believe it isn't even lunchtime yet.
There is a calm moment now so I'll go and see if I can puzzle the blocks together before lunch. Wish me luck.


Ellen said...

Very busy, happy kids!

I feel for you about the blocks - that is one stage that I go full steam ahead and at least sew them into rows so that if they do have to be moved they don't get too mixed up.

Deb said...

Lots of activity at your house. Hopefully they will let Mom play with blocks while they entertain themselves. Do they ever create forts in the dining room with your quilts? Mine love to do that, my nieces and nephews too. I remember the boys always posted signs - no girls allowed!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Good luck on the quilt puzzle. That is why when I get mine laid out, if I have to move them for whatever reason, they get picked up in sewing order only and pinned. The rest of the world can wait until I am done too. Sometimes they get sewn within the evening, other times, well, I still have some sitting and waiting, years later.

Andee said...

Good luck...I have much experience with the things NOT to do when sewing a quilt, but always appreciate a good tip!

Lynne said...

Oh dear, that was a "good" learning experience, wasn't it? I wish you all the best trying to work it out with kids and animals around you!

Kate said...

We were back at work yesteday, but Drama Teen had one last day before returning to school. She loves having the house to herself when we are working, but I was told I ruined it when I insisted she start getting her science fair entry ready to put on the board. If she starts now, maybe we won't be up at midnight the night before assembling the dang thing like last year!