Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Midweek Progress Update

I am really enjoying seeing the progress of my Dear Jane blocks on the little design wall.  Each time I finish a block, it is so rewarding to cut out a little two inch square of fabric and nestle it into its spot on the quilt.  Every so often I will pick a block that finishes off a row or a corner and brings one tiny portion of the quilt closer to completion.  I have a printed chart that I am crossing off as well, but this version is so much more satisfying.
It is that part of the school year for finishing things off as well.  With just 7 weeks to go, the lists are all being checked twice to make sure everything is covered before the big end of course and advanced placement exams that will mark the end of the year.

I just did the math for blocks and such:

96 blocks
9 triangle
4 kites
2270 pieces

Also, I added a new widget that shows pictures of blocks from my Flickr page


Ellen said...

I love the way that you are keeping track - so clever. If it was me I would be really excited every time I added a little square to the wall!

Lynne said...

You're certainly making great progress!

Teresa in Music City said...

What a great idea to keep track of your completed blocks that way! I would expect a teacher to be that organized :*)

Kate said...

Congrats on all the progress. I love your colorful progress chart.

Aunt 'Reen said...

You are making wonderful progress!
Your blocks are beautiful and I like your color chart.

Julierose said...

That is going to be one fabulous quilt...I really love your idea of a progress chart..just my kind of OCD thing...Julierose

Sarah said...

Wow I feel really excited for you. This is a real labour of love I can tell!

Andee said...

You are such an inspiration Angela!