Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tiny Tuesday - Kaye's Courtyard

This one was traditionally pieced and should have been easy peasy.  The first one turned out a quarter of an inch too big though.  So I recut the squares at 1.5 inches instead of the little mark right after that on the ruler.  It will float a little bit inside the outer square now, but I just didn't want to start cutting things to 1/16th of and inch.  I guess this is why people use templates instead of trying to rotary cut everything.  I'll add to jumbo 5.25 inch block to the orphan block bin.  


Deb A said...

Very pretty in pink! You could always throw the oversize one onto the back.

Cyn said...

Love the pink! Love the block. For really small blocks like these I think it would be helpful to have 1/16 increments on our rulers... but that's just me. lol. Your block looks super!
BTW... you could use the 'other' block to make a label for this quilt. Just an idea.

Kate said...

Very pretty. I don't like templates either, but have found that sometimes you can't just rotary cut either.