Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Blocks

I'm in the early stages of another project. I don't remember if I've already mentioned that another Girl Scout troop is helping out a local women and children's shelter for their gold project. I, of course, couldn't help asking if they needed any quilts. After the fun of our 40 nursing home lap quilts for Christmas, I felt the need for a new project. Mary has directions for happy blocks on her blog, and I was thinking of kitting some of these up and trying to get lots of other troops involved in the project. Each troop who participated could sign up for a kit. The brownie troops could use a meeting to put the blocks together and then send them back to me. The junior troops could make the blocks and then put them together to make a top. I think the older girls could even layer and tie the quilts before sending them back. It's all in the planning stages, but I'm mulling over all the options now. Each quilt would need 80 9 inch happy blocks, which should be easy enough for a troop to do during a regular meeting. I'm going to put one together for practice and give it some more thought. They have 23 beds they are trying to cover. For I'm taking my Scrappy Irish Chain to donate. I guess that's 22 more to go! No time to ponder right now, Camporee is this weekend and wild preparations are under way.


Amy said...

*covering my eyes*

I will NOT look at another "new" project...I will not...I can resist!!!!!

But....ooooooo......what a FUN block to burn up some scraps!!!!!

Okay---off to quilt to tackle some of those WIP's so I can start a new project....*giggle!*

Amanda said...

It sounds like a great project for the girls to get their teeth into - and you seem to be very well organised already.

Candace said...

I love the blocks and I'll bet your girls will be more than willing after the successful project that you completed last year.

Julie said...

Ahhhh!!! How do you get so much done? :-D

Cornfield Quilter said...

I love the Happy blocks! :D It is so awesome that you are teaching these girls to sew and quilt. Great fun and wonderful to pass along this process. I will be checking back often!