Thursday, August 20, 2009

Little Walking Petri Dishes

It took 7 whole days after school started for the germs to get to me. Everyone is worried about the swine flu, but I have been overcome with a common head cold. Usually I would tough it out and go to work anyway, but showing up sniffling and red nosed would probably not go over so well right now. So here I sit with my tissues and orange juice, doing very little of anything at all.
The first week of school was good. My kids are settling in nicely and are happy with their teachers. My classes are good. The new prep is taking a lot of time, but I like the material and the students. Juggling the three classes is fun, and I'm never bored.
On the quilting front, I finished up the first border on Mom's Sister's Choice quilt. It needs to be ironed so I can get the last border measured up. I'm going to try quilting it in two sections. Although I've never done it that way, Amy does all her quilts that way and swears by it. I'm hoping I have some time to get it all layered up this weekend.


Linda Lee said...

I hope you feel better soon! As moms we always feel good when our kids like their teachers and have friends at school! Have a great year.

Amanda said...

It's good to hear that the new year has started well, though isn't it typical that you catch a bug so soon. The immunity you build up during the year all goes during the summer holidays. I hope you feel better soon, but don't rush back, it's a long term.

Mary said...

Hope you're feeling better! Please post about how the quilting goes for you by dividing it up.