Sunday, September 20, 2009


I was going to write a post about how crazy busy everything was around here and that I haven't had time to do anything quilt related lately. Then I read Amy's post (check out the margins) and realized that my days are pretty calm and peaceful by comparison. Up at 6, kids to the bus by 7. Fortunately the bus is Kurt's job so I try to get to school not much after 7. Students are in for morning help and make-up work by 7:30 and school starts at 8. My mornings are full with one Anatomy followed by two of Chemistry. Then it is lunch and two of Biology in the afternoon. It is a nice flow actually, with the same classes grouped together and a lunch break to switch gears. The schedule rotates, but I have two blocks of planning time somewhere in the afternoon. Where I try to get enough done that I won't have to work all evening on school. Students are in again for help in the afternoon, or on Tuesdays we have meetings.
My kids have decided they would like to be picked up by 4, and most of the time I am able to do that. We have developed a habit of stopping on the way home, at the produce stand or the library, or just at 7-11 if they think they have been good enough for a treat. We are home around 4:30 with a few minutes of down time and checks of homework, reading logs and emptying of backpacks. Home nights are peaceful with baths and stories and time to play.
Right now I wish there were more home nights, but I'm sure that will change. Sydney has gymnastics on Thursday until 5, so that pushes things back a bit later. Ryan has football practice at least twice a week at 6 and a game thrown once a week. Those nights we try to get home earlier so he doesn't end end up eating dinner in the car. Scouts are only every other week, but the leader meetings fill in the off weeks. Ice Skating and chess happen on the weekends, so things are spread out pretty well. I think the balance is reasonable, although now Anna wants to do the ice skating show for Christmas, and that may tip things the other way. I'll be taking her up to skate while Kurt takes Ryan to his football and poor Sydney will be baggage for one or the other.
Like anything else, it is a balancing act. There is an ebb and flow as I go where I need to go and get done what needs to get done. Rarely is there so much to be done that I don't feel like I can accomplish it all. But rarely is there idle time when I look for something to do. I have a quilt sitting in the other room waiting patiently for a last border, and between the birthday parties, play dates and weekend chores, it just might happen one of these days. If not, I'll pick it all up again before the scouts come on Tuesday and start all over again.

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Micki said...

You are a really busy lady, so no wonder the quilt is still waiting to be finished.