Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tiny Tuesday - Cathy's Campfire

 This is Dear Jane block A-5 which is called Cathy's Campfire.  It was paper pieced in three simple sections.
Anna was my model tonight.  Despite the unseasonably warm weather she still wanted to snuggle
under a quilt.  It is a good thing we have plenty to choose from.

DJ Count 8 blocks 0 triangles 79 pieces


Ellen said...

I really like the red! Your daughter makes a lovely and happy model.

Don't you just love that she could snuggle under any number of blankets - but she chooses a quilt.

Teresa in Music City said...

Yes indeed, Anna is a lucky girl to have a quilter for a mom! Love your red Campfire block - the swirly fabric could be flames :*)

Deb A said...

I snuggle under quilts when it is 90+ outside still! Such a cute block and lucky you to have a wonderful model to show it off.

Kate said...

Love how the red fabric has the look of flames (I think it's how those white lines move and swirl). Cute model!

Sarah said...

Really like this block.