Tuesday, September 2, 2014

RSC Sampler - Bear's Paw

The bears paw block is generally found in groups of 4 with a center sashing. I wanted something a little simpler and so worked up a single paw.
I used a dark and a light orange.
Start with a large 4.5 inch square of orange.
Next get a strip of light and dark that are each 2.5 inches wide.
Pair them right sides together and use the easy angle ruler to cut 4 HST blocks.
Finally, cut one 2.5 inch square of light fabric
Sew the HST units together, trim the dog ears and press toward the dark fabric.  Arrange them on two sides of the large orange square so that the dark edge faces up and toward the large square on the left and down toward the large square on the top.  Check your placement against the picture to make sure the toes are all pointed the right way.  The light square will fill in the empty corner.
Sew both pairs of HST units together and press toward the dark fabric being careful to let the points lie flat.
Sew one set of toes to the top of the block.  Sew the light square to the top of the other.  Press toward the plain square in both cases.
Sew the side toes on and press toward the large square.  Your block should be 6.5 inches unfinished.  

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