Saturday, October 26, 2019

Tiny Tuesday - Bullseye

 All strips are 1 inches wide.  After that, the strips are cut to various lengths in one inch increments. 
1 black square 1 inch long
2 white squares 1 inch long
2 black rectangles 2 inches long
2 white rectangles 2 inches long
2 black rectangles 3 inches long
2 white rectangles 3 inches long
2 black rectangles 4 inches long
2 white rectangles 4 inches long
2 black rectangles 5 inches long
 Now arrange the squares and rectangles out from the center with the shorter pieces on the right and left and the longer pieces on the top and bottom.
 Sew white one square onto each side of the black square and press the seams toward the black.
 Sew one white rectangle (2 inches) onto the top and one onto the bottom of the center section.  Press away from the center.
 Now add the next black rectangles (2 inches) onto each edge.  Press away from the center.
 Repeat with the top and bottom pieces (3 inches).  Press away from the center.
 Next add the white rectangles again on right and left (3 inches).
 Now back to top and bottom (4 inches)
 Back to black on edges (4 inches).
 Finally, the last two pieces will be black (5 inches).
 Press everything away from the center.
Here is your final Bulls Eye bock.  5 inches unfinished.  4.5 inches in the finished quilt.

Scroll down for the ScrapHappy Saturday.  I'm getting caught up again on Tiny Tuesday.   The next block will be out soon.  Last block is due on the final Tiny Tuesday in just 3 short days.  


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