Friday, April 3, 2020

Day 21

 Today was the first day of "safer at home".   I think there are still a handful of states who have not joined the party.  As a family, we've been almost exclusively at home for the last 21 days.  It is now finally official though, which still feels different somehow.  They will be closing the office at school and taping our doors shut.  The list of "essential" services is alarmingly long, but that's how we roll.  The beach at least is noticeably more empty than yesterday.  Given that the waves were beautiful for surfing, that was kind of amazing.  Surfing as it turns out is essential.  Who knew?
There are now 21 houses on the wall.  21 days at home and at least a few more to go.  Online learning is starting to settle in.  I've had two online "office hour" classes, lots of follow up messages, emails and reminders, virtual meetings and lots of good grace and humor.  It will get better as we adjust.  We all learned a lot this week though, and it will be easier next week.  


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

my state is still no locked down and I really don't know why - we do not have near as many cases as some states but the numbers go up daily - we have been home since March 15th and many people in Arkansas have done the same even if our governor things he is doing the right thing
Love your houses and the beach!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Yes, Angela. There will be AT LEAST a few more days to go. Stay SEW safe!!

Sara said...

I live in one of those states that haven’t called for shelter in place. But most everyone I know has already been doing that. Restaurants and bars have been closed for a couple of weeks. It does seem to be falling into routine. My biggest worry now is the daughter that is a respiratory therapist. They lost half of their RT staff today due to a staff person who lied about having symptoms and has now tested positive. I don’t know how they will manage.

loulee said...

Your village of stay at homers is growing nicely.
Be safe and be well.