Saturday, June 27, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday

It is the last pink Saturday!  Where has the time gone?  
Not a bit of sewing happened for me this week, but I had planned on that.  It was supposed to be the week when I flew to Texas to do AP Capstone training.  Instead it became the week when I sat in front of a Zoom screen all day every day for training.
I am done with work now for a solid two weeks, so sewing will happen.  First thing on the list though, is to reoccupy my sewing room.  Anna made it safely to Maine for camp and successfully passed her lifeguard test.  That makes her room available again.  She will come home from camp just long enough to pack up for college.  Though I don't know how long college is going to last this year, the plan is to go back to life as normal.  I'm not going to comment on how normal life is right now other than to mention that Florida had almost 9,000 new cases yesterday. 
We are still getting in a beach walk each morning.  Yesterday there was a motorized glider going back and forth.  This morning there was a virtual race.  The beach is surprisingly busy right around sunrise.  


Deb A said...

Yea - you get your sewing room back for a bit and Anna gets to be in Maine this summer! Win, win. I hope she loves it, a very beautiful state. We are cancelling our plans to head that way to the beach and will stay home at the pool, not the same as the ocean waves but much safer, unfortunately.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Wishing safety for Anna and your entire family in the wake to this new wave of COVID cases in Florida and productivity in the sewing room for you during your Summer Break!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

Hope Anna loves her job in Maine I have only been in one tiny part but it sure was pretty. Your photo of the beach and sky is so beautiful with the sun peaking through - I hope Florida gets better soon - maybe they need to say no tourist - the numbers are getting so high - our numbers keep going up every day as well but we are lower population so the numbers while high to me - daily 600-700 are low compared to yours.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Time in the sewing room sounds like a great reward after a week of online training. You have such a beautiful view on your morning walks - thanks for sharing!

Sara said...

Hope your chance to do some sewing works out. Staying home to sew sounds like the safe thing to do. Our county numbers here seem to have stabilized for now, but I’m still pretty cautious.

Summer camp in Maine sounds like a great summer job for a college student. I sure would have liked that.

Sherrie said...

It's a rainy day working on a quilt
will be a good thing to do. Hope you get some
sewing in today...have a great day!

MissPat said...

We New Yorkers sat here and said to FL and TX "You'll be sorry, it's gonna get you, too". So much for hot weather making the virus go away. Enjoy your two weeks of sewing bliss.

gayle said...

Maine is beautiful, especially in the summertime - she'll love it!
I do worry about all our blogging friends around the country. May we all stay safe.

compusword said...

How lovely to have that beach stretch for a walk each morning!
My finish of black scraps is uploaded to ScrapHappy Saturday because it began with the specific task of sewing up some scraps. Working on pink scraps this weekend, though. Hey, scraps are scraps and any scraps sewn together is great. That is my story and I'm sticking to it. LOL Liz in Houston

Mari said...

Oh, I feel your pain! Hours and hours on Zoom is no fun at all. Hang in there! I hope those beach walks help!

Meloney said...

Can't get Mr. Linky to work, so here is my blogpost about my scrappy things.

anna said...

I think time within the sewing room seems like a top notch reward after a week of online education. You have the sort of stunning view on your morning walks - thank you for sharing!

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