Thursday, December 31, 2020

Shoofly Block


I am planning a two block quilt with nine patch variations this year.   I always struggle with 2.5 inch blocks.  Using them as just squares seems too big.   I've made lots of 16 patch quilts and was just ready for something different.  

A Shoo Fly is just a nine patch with half square triangles in the corners.   Instead of making traditional HST units, I'm going wonky this year in an effort to use up those extra triangles leftover from joining binding strips.   
This block uses the same sew and flip method as the star block, but with only one triangle per unit, it goes twice as fast.  You could also just use half square triangles if you happen to have extras of those around.  
It is just a nine patch, but with extra pops of color in the corners.  It should pair nicely with the star block for a simple two block quilt.  


quiltingbydawn said...

Thanks for the tutorial for the shoo fly block! I was thinking of doing one for my RSC in 2021! I like the idea of improv using the triangle cutoffs from so many piecing projects!

Juliana said...

I also like this idea: improv with those two blocks. I am very resistant to making things with triangles for some reason, but this would be a great way to begin without any stress--perfection is not required!!

Susie H said...

That will make for a very personal quilt. Love the idea that you're using leftover bits from bindings. Also, you can't beat either of these blocks so together they should be perfect!

MaureenHP said...

I was not able to do the RSC challenge last year, but am looking forward to doing it in 2021.