We've been rainbow scrapping here at soscrappy for several years now.  I try to keep things interesting from year to year without straying too much from the original concept.  The idea is easy.  I am encouraging you all to use your scraps rather than save them by choosing a specific color each month.  Searching for that color, you dig into your scraps and start putting them to good use.

You can do anything you like with your scraps.  The easiest plan is to choose a single block and make one or several using the designated color each month.  Some energetic souls choose multiple blocks and work on a different one each week.  Some, more focused quilters, try to pull out ongoing projects which go with with color each month and make forward progress on those.  Really dedicated souls have even been known to go crazy and make entire monochromatic quilts or projects during certain months.

The color will be announced each month on or around the first day.  Then, the heart of the rainbow scrap challenge comes on Saturdays when I host a weekly linky party for anyone to join in with blocks, progress, plans or general scrappy inspiration.

Colors for 2018 (in alphabetical order for now):

  • January - lighter and medium blues
  • February - purple and lavender
  • March - light green, lime, and yellow green
  • April - yellow and gold
  • May - pink and rose
  • June - aqua and turquoise
  • July - red and maroon
  • August - orange and brown
  • September - dark blue and black/ dark neutrals
  • October - dark green and sage

There will also be a challenge quilt this year.  Check out the RSC18 Sampler tab for more information.  Or visit Mari's page which is full of information.

Tracking Chart from Stephanie in PDF and in word



Margaret said...

I'm confused... Is the white or neutral in the same fabric as the blue or in other parts of the block?


scraphappy said...

Margaret, I am so sorry that I was not able to respond directly. You come up as no reply. I used a medium and light blue in my block along with background fabric. You could also use three shades of blue as long as you can find fabrics with enough contrast.

Unknown said...

I'm in! Now to pick a pattern or three...

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Cannot grab your button 100% is it located somewhere else? Also need a better button link for the BOM

Stitchedinlayers said...

Yours and others blogs have been great motivation and inspiration these past few years. And I too have been following these rainbow challenges for awhile, and though not a huge fan of sampler quilts, want to try this! I do not have a blog, how do I link up progress photos?

KatieQ said...

Every year, I tell myself I will actually follow through on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and create a great quilt. I either fizzle out part way through the year or wind up with blocks I store neatly away in the closet. Hopefully, this will be my year to create the rainbow quilt of my dreams. Thanks for another year of motivation.

Marti said...
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