Monday, February 23, 2009

February Goals

My UFO for February is this scrappy Irish Chain that I started ages ago using Bonnie's leader-ender system. I started with just 4 patches in darks and lights before deciding to do a double Irish Chain that needed 4 patches in dark and mediums. I wasn't exactly consistent with the value placement, but I decided I should just go ahead and get it done. Maybe a simpler pattern would have been easier to keep track of. Or maybe I should just limit my leader-ender escapades to one quilt at a time. I have 3 different block sizes going, and each is a different pattern, thus requiring different combinations of colors and values. Maybe I should make a little post-it note and stick it on the side of my machine. Anyway, I've got all the chain blocks done with plenty to spare, I just need to whip up a few of the alternate squares, which go together in a hurry. It's the 23rd today, so I should be able to get this put together some time in the next week. February has been a little hectic and it's been interesting trying to fit this in. I haven't even started on the Garage which is supposed to be my room this month, I might switch to an easier room so I can feel like I'm making some progress. I think I'll choose a quilt that is further along for March so that I can find some time to work on something that isn't a UFO. As much as I want to get my old projects finished up, I don't want those to be the only things I'm working on.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

LOVELY bright colors in that quilt Angela! If Saturday rolls around and you're still putzing away on it, post a "GO AWAY UNTIL TOMORROW" note on your door, kick out DH and children, and take the day to yourself to finish it up before that March 1 bell tolls :0) *wink*

A few moments here; a few moments there, and you'll get there. "Slow-n-steady wins the race."

Ya know---have you ever thought about that saying while you've been out running your marathons? How ridiculous! Where did that saying EVER come from? I sure have the 'slow-n-steady' part down, but I sure don't see me crossing that finish line 1st! :0)

Happy Monday

Amanda said...

Looking good - how useful to have a wall to put it up on while you pull it together. I've been doing the blocks for a scrappy Irish Chain as a leader/ender project too. Though I've been using two-and-a-half inch squares, which I cut by mistake - so it's either going to be enormous, or barely enough blocks to recognise the pattern!