Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wonky Options

I sashed out the wonky stars to make them all fit together, but decided that I needed to either make more blocks or add something else. Having the attention span I do, I opted to add some wonky letters. To follow the star block theme I decided on "Star light, star bright". Initially I thought I would add the words to the border, but then I decided to replace individual blocks to spread them through the quilt. Of course when I got them done, they were too big to fit in a single block, so I had to come up with another plan B. My issue with the border plan is that I always get caught with wrapping words on the bottom -- do you wrap them upside down, or leave them right side up and wreck the flow? Maybe I should start on the right and leave the bottom empty? So please look at my two pictures while mentally filling in the missing blocks.

I need some feedback about which plan is better: option A --wrap around border, option B - in the middle. I'm having way too much fun playing with these blocks, it almost makes me forget that I have a never ending to do list that did not include this project until last night.


Deb Geyer said...

I like plan "B". :-) FWIW

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Hmmm....I'm trying to imagine both options, and I'm struggling! I guess now I know what my students feel like when I try to explain something that is SO CLEAR in my mind, but not so clear in theirs....
Anyway---if I am seeing the same things you are, I actually like the "stick with the wrapped border" idea. The middle location is definitely unique and not a norm, so that may be a way to go too.

(umm....I really didn't help you, did I???)

Final answer:
Option A: BORDER. This way you have more room to "spread out" the words/letters rather than bunching them up in the middle. ([BUT the middle idea sure is different....])

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Me again...
I'm not sure how large the letters are going to be....but
how about
A: Star Light on top of quilt; Star Bright on bottom


B: Star light on left; Star Bright on right


C: Star light starting on left going up (clockwise) & wrapping to top (if they are too large); then Star Bright starting on bottom and wrapping around the lower right corner to the right side going up (counter-clockwise)....

(make sense?)